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Cambridge International Examination

(International Track)

Cambridge Primary (common)

Students are assessed at each stage (Grade I to V) by the Cambridge Progression Tests and at the end of stage VI by the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint. The test is available in three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint will be mandatory and taken by our students in November of each academic year. This is an external examination assessed by the Cambridge International Examinations Board. All students will be awarded a Cambridge Certificate of Achievement at the end of primary schooling.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Progression Tests are a series of tests covering stages 7, 8 and 9 and are used to monitor the progress of learners as individuals or in classes. Cambridge Checkpoint tests are for use at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary conducted at the end of Grade VIII (IGCSE). They are assessed by CIE and provides an external international benchmark for student performance. The Programme seamlessly links the Cambridge Primary with the Cambridge IGCSE or O Level courses and provides detailed feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses before they move into the 14-16 / IGCSE /O Level stage.

Cambridge IGCSE and ICE (International track)

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is designed as a two-year curriculum programme(Grade IX and X) leading to a Certificate which is internationally recognized as equivalent in standard to the British GCSE and International GCE ‘O’ LEVEL Examinations. Cambridge IGCSE provides a foundation for high level courses such as the North American Advanced Placement Test (APT), International Baccalaureate (IB), GCE ‘A’ levels and the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), which has been designed as a Pre-University Course of study progressive from the Cambridge IGCSE. The Cambridge IGCSE constitutes a fully-integrated curriculum for students in their last four years of Secondary Education. The Cambridge IGCSE is administered by the University of Cambridge, England.

Cambridge IGCSE Examination is taken as a qualification towards International Certificate of Education (ICE). The ICE is awarded to the candidate who passes in at least seven IGCSE subjects including two from Group 1 and one from each of Groups 2 to 5. The seventh subject may be chosen from any of the syllabus Groups. The candidates who qualify for the ICE award will be placed in any one of the three categories.

The requirements for the ICE must normally be satisfied at one and the same examination.


Group 1: Languages
• First language English
• Foreign Languages French & Spanish
• Hindi as a Second Language
Humanities and Social Sciences
• Economics
• Geography
• Global Perspectives
• Literature in English
Group 3: Sciences
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Combined Science
Group 4: Mathematics
• Mathematics
• Cambridge International Mathematics
Group 5: Creative and Vocational
• Art & Design
• Accounting
• Business Studies
• Computer Science
• Design & Technology
• Information & Communication Technology