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Teaching Methodology

Class Teaching

Courses for students at all levels are clearly structured to enable students and teachers to clearly know what the learning outcomes should be. Teachers expose a student to one concept at a time. To ensure that the student has absorbed the concept thoroughly the TWC Point System® has been designed. Lessons will alternate between oral, individual and group work in a manner that ensures that students remain “switched on “and focused.

Students engage in regular assessment using exams that teachers do not see in advance. Accordingly, students learn more in class and have more time for relaxation and fun after school. The school follows a “no homework “policy till Grade 4.

Student Follow-up

Students who fall behind in their work are advised, motivated, helped, and mentored until they catch up. As long as they manage their own time successfully, students' time is theirs. Need based time to time help is given to each student.

Learning Process

All courses at TWS are structured. A system of academic tracking - the TWC AMS (Academic Monitoring System), a scientific method of detecting gaps in knowledge - allows the resource team to closely follow the progress of each individual. Gaps are pinpointed as soon as they are noticed, and efforts are focused on eliminating them. Valuable time is saved and a gap-free, cohesive structure of knowledge is built in students' minds.


The Student Life Team® at TWS works hand in hand with the staff as one team. Members of the TWS SLT are appointed by the administration for their competence rather than elected by the students based on popularity.

SLT® seeks to:
• Raise academic standards
• Promote high social and moral values
• Develop personality
• Develop communication and management skills and
• Involve students in organizing sports and aesthetic activities
SLT membership is open to students of Grade 5 and beyond