TWS’ 9 PARADIGMS - The World School


Our signature nine paradigm framework is designed to ensure the best possible experience to our students. All aspects of the school experience are designed around these 9 paradigms.

Every TWS school adheres to these 9 paradigms. These are as below:

  • 1. Student Academic Attainment

    Goal: Prescribed levels of attainment in English, Math & Science
  • 2. Key skills standards for students

    Goal: Improvement in- Global Awareness, Speaking, Reading, Writing and IT
  • 3. Quality Improvement in Teaching

    Goal: Compliance with TWS teacher professional development, review and retention system
  • 4. Stakeholder Involvement

    Goal: Incorporating parent and stakeholder feedback into the TWS Quality Enhancement Process
  • 5. All round development of students

    Goal: Extra-curricular activities- conduct and mandatory participation by each student
  • 6. Student preparedness for competition

    Goal: Benchmarking through monitored performance in external exams
  • 7. Contribution to the Community

    Goal: Mandatory participation in community outreach activities
  • 8. Provision for Good Infrastructure

    Goal: Compliance with quality infrastructure standards as prescribed by TWS
  • 9. Statutory Compliance

    Goal: Compliance with TWS and Statutory body norms and processes