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TWS is committed to the safety of its students at all times when in the school environment, including school managed transport. The following are key aspects of the TWS SAFE program

Lady conductors for on boarding , attendance logging and in bus discipline

Each school operated bus will be manned by a trained lady conductor who will be responsible for boarding the student on to the bus, logging in presence and ensuring the kids maintain order and discipline in the bus. The attendance is logged in using a bespoke software with immediate sms notification to parents

Bus Tracking

Parents can monitor the movement of buses using the GPS tracking software

CCTV surveillance

In compliance with statutory requirements, CCTV surveillance cameras are installed across campus and monitored continuously

Escorted /monitored movement across campus

All students from Pre-KG till Grade 4 will be allowed to move within campus only with the presence of an official school escort. This includes movement to the restroom, between classes and to the play areas. Recess time activity is monitored at all times with escort / security presence in the play areas

Attendance tracking

In class attendance is tracked through a bespoke software with immediate notification of absences to the parent, followed by a tracking message to confirm the reason for such absence

Dedicated staff to escort stationed outside washrooms

The school will assign dedicated female staff members outside all the washroom areas who will be responsible for ensuring safety and hygiene at all times

Nominated student pick up

Only nominated / authorized persons will be allowed to pick students up from school. Such persons will be provided with a photo ID

Colour coded Identity cards based on Grade level

Students will be assigned colour coded cards helping to distinguish them based on their grade levels, thereby ensuring no inappropriate mixing within class groups takes place

Barred entry without valid IDs

No entry to campus will be permitted for any person(s) without a valid ID, including for visitors

Dedicated medical staff on campus

Students requiring medical attendance will have access to services of qualified staff on campus.