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Yellow Day Celebration at The World School

Yellow Day Celebration at The World School

The World School’s Pre-Primary wing celebrated “Yellow Day” on August 22, 2023, emphasising the significance and vibrancy of the colour yellow. Yellow, being a colour closest to light, resonates with the radiance of the spirit, and is often associated with the sun’s rays and stars. It’s a shade that naturally stimulates feelings of happiness, energy, and optimism in our young learners.

The day was a vivid display of the yellow hue, with children dressed in a spectrum of yellow shades. They not only donned their favourite yellow outfits but also brought a variety of yellow objects, making the day a complete, yellow-themed extravaganza. The learning environment was enriched with an array of yellow items, from fruits like bananas, lemons, mangoes, and pineapples to yellow toys, flowers, balloons, and smiley faces.

A special colouring activity was organized, adding to the day’s fun and learning. To top it off, each child was elated to receive a smiley face as a cherished take-home gift, encapsulating the joy and spirit of “Yellow Day.”

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