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Sapling Plantation Drive

Sapling Plantation Drive


Plants are vital for life, they are essential resources for our long term survival. We rely on them for food, medicine, purified air and shelter among the others. Trees enthrals the beauty of the environment, guards us against global warming, conserves water, preserves soil and controls climatic changes to an extent. It’s high time we the residents of this planet start contributing to a greener and beautiful Earth.

In order to conserve the greenery at TWS a SAPLING PLANTATION DRIVE was organised on 16.12.2022, Friday by E-CURE chairtable trust. E- Cure founded in 2011, is an independent not-for-profit organization that aims to protect and conserve the environment. It spearheads a variety of initiatives including tree plantation, street transformation, plastic bag eradication, terrace farming and awareness programmes around the importance of environmental preservation and tree plantation.

Their steps towards restoration of our ecosystem is truly commendable. About 100 saplings were planted in

the TWS campus by about 30 volunteers representing E-Cure. Plants like Hibiscus, Lucky plants, Chrysanthemums, Tropical flames added to the unsung beauty of the campus.

Our heartfelt gratitude to E-Cure charitable trust for this noble act.

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