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Onam Celebrations at TWS

Onam Celebrations at TWS

Onam Celebration at TWS

Onam, an annual harvest festival originating from the state of Kerala, stands as a beacon of happiness, peace, prosperity, and floral beauty. This year, The World School (TWS) was no exception in embracing the festive spirit of Onam.

Students showcased their enthusiasm by bringing a diverse array of colourful flowers, which were meticulously arranged to create the traditional flower carpet, known as ‘pookallam’. Following this vibrant display, the students were captivated by a tale about Mahabali, eloquently narrated by Ms. Bhavya. The festive ambience was further elevated when the students melodiously sang Onam songs -‘Onapattu’, welcoming the legendary king. The highlight of the day was the traditional Thiruvathira dance, performed gracefully around the pookallam.



The entire day at TWS was imbued with a sense of joy and warmth. Both students and teachers came together, immersing themselves wholeheartedly in the festivities and ensuring that the spirit of Onam was alive and well within the school’s walls.

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