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Moon Day 2023

Moon Day 2023

Moon Day 2023: Celebrate the Significance of the Moon on 20.07.2023

The moon, Earth’s natural satellite, holds immense significance in our daily lives, from guiding festivals to providing us with light at night. On this date, July 20th, we celebrate International Moon Day, commemorating the historic moment when Neil Armstrong and Aldrin stepped foot on the moon in 1969. Their iconic words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” still echo throughout history.

National Moon Day also acknowledges the achievements of various states in lunar exploration while promoting awareness about sustainable moon expeditions. As part of our Student Personality Development program [KNOW] at The World School, we organized an engaging Quiz on Moon Day. Enthusiastic participation from students in Grades V to VIII made the house-wise competition a great success.

Green House secured the top position, with Red House taking second place, and Yellow House and Blue House securing the third position. Many thanks to Ms Bhavya for conducting an informative Quiz. The event also featured a captivating screening of Neil Armstrong and his team’s historic moon landing.

Join us on this Moon Day 2023 to celebrate the mystic beauty and significance of our lunar companion while fostering an interest in sustainable moon exploration.

Royal Celebrations on Purple Day at TWS: Pre-Primary Students Explore Wealth, Power, and Creativity!

On July 19, 2023, the Pre-primary wing of TWS delighted in a vibrant Purple Day celebration. The event aimed to acquaint students with the significance of purple, fostering fine motor skills. Dressed in captivating shades of purple, students showcased their chosen purple objects while engaging in creative activities like collage-making using purple-coloured paper. The day overflowed with enthusiasm as students revelled in the joyous and educational Purple Day festivities.

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