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Field Trip to Top ‘n Town Super Market for Pre Primary

Field Trip to Top ‘n Town Super Market for Pre Primary

At TWS, we are committed to fostering holistic awareness and development in our students. On 8th September 2023, our pre-primary wing embarked on an educational trip to the Top ‘n Town Super Market. This excursion was an extension of their learning module on “Food we eat.”

The supermarket visit provided our young learners with a hands-on experience to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods. The vast array of sections, including fresh fruits & vegetables, grains, toiletries, dairy/frozen foods, bakery, canned goods, and toys, offered them a comprehensive view of the variety available.

Our dedicated teachers guided the students through the purchasing process, from selecting items to understanding billing and payment. This not only instilled a sense of responsibility but also gave them insights into everyday shopping experiences. Many students even shared personal anecdotes of shopping with their parents at the same venue.

In essence, this trip was not just about observing; it was about immersing in, smelling, and understanding the plethora of commodities that people purchase for daily consumption. We believe such enriching experiences will empower our students to make informed and healthy food choices in the future.

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