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Field trip to religious places – Pre-primary

Field trip to religious places – Pre-primary


God is worshipped in different names, in different religions but the message is the same -Be kind, Speak the truth and Pray to God.

Every one of us worship God, we all pray – that is our act of showing respect and love to God.   For this we need to have a special place of worship. Most religions have structures that serve as places of worship like ,Hindus worship in temples, Christians go to the Church ,Muslims go to the Mosque and Sikhs go to the Gurudwara for their prayer.

Learning is best when it is built around doing and when the students need to explore it. For this the Pre-Primary section of The World School  were taken on an excursion to the different places of worship in Whitefield area on 20th February 2021, as a part of the Student Personality Development Programme and for the commitment to the Almighty God.

The field trip began with a visit to the Lord Ganesha Temple and followed by  a visit to “Our Lady Of Lourds Church” and Mosque. The children’s bus ride to these different places of worship around the city widened their knowledge as they were enlightened by the father(Priest) of the Church with detailed and important information about God, prayer and how to worship God in our own easy and simple way. They’ve offered prayer to the temple also and taken blessing  from Lord Ganesha.

The children watched keenly and listened attentively to their teachers as they presented and explained to them about each place of worship, their location, their description and their significance.

This field trip was a great opportunity to inculcate in the children the value to respect each religion and every religious place with the hope of designing their little minds to be God loving.

Another Field trip ended happily with the message loud and clear, “Love and Respect all religions.”

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