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Culmination Programme

Culmination Programme


Celebrating the young talents exploring the futures of tomorrow!

Knowledge is to be celebrated. Culmination activities help to explore and demonstrate the advanced abilities that a child has developed. To showcase what students have mastered and to display their confidence, we at TWS, have organized a culmination program on Saturday, 21st January 2023. Students from grade 1 to grade 7 exhibited their young talents. Our little ones of G1, mesmerized the dias with their cute Hindi and English recitation while the kids of grade 2 enthralled us with a fantastic skit. Students of grade 3, gave a demo of the solar system in a magnificent way.

Anaya of grade 4, explained the ‘formation of factors’ so beautifully. An enchanting poem written by Robert Lee Frost was recited by Yuktha and Aravind of grade 5.

Harshith of grade 7 explained about corresponding angles with a demo. Anushka of grade 7, gave a demo on rainwater harvesting. The performances of the students enthralled the parents. It was really mesmerizing and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

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