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Crafting Ganesha through Clay Modelling and Leaf Art

Crafting Ganesha through Clay Modelling and Leaf Art

Clay modelling serves as an excellent medium for nurturing a child’s fine motor abilities, fostering imagination, and igniting creativity. A spirited competition centred around clay modelling was held for students from Grade 1 to 4. The young participants showcased their artistic prowess by crafting models inspired by the theme of Ganesha.

The primary aim of this contest was to fuel the students’ imaginative capacities and provide a platform for their innate creativity to flourish. With gentle precision, the young artists manipulated the clay, using techniques like pounding, squeezing, rolling, and blending to craft distinctive and awe-inspiring representations of LORD GANESHA. This tactile activity not only honed their motor skills but also significantly elevated their self-confidence.

Meanwhile, students from Grade 5 to 8 embarked on an eco-friendly journey, crafting Ganesha images using leaves of various shapes and sizes. This nature-centric activity allowed them to connect deeply with the environment while refining their artistic abilities, resulting in stunning green leafy depictions of Ganesha.

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